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  • Thro. Bore Slip Ring—360°Rotating -high reliability

    Thro. Bore Slip Ring—360°Rotating -high reliability

    ▲The rotor and the stator of Thro. Bore slip ring are integrated structure type, conveniently installation, mainly used for transmission of low current and low frequency signal (LF).

    ▲The Channels(rings) are arranged in axial direction, adopting multi-points Gold-Gold contact of brush bundle, with small contact resistance and resistance fluctuation,small friction coefficient and good wear-resisting property and long service life.

    ▲Insulation materials with low moisture absorption and excellent electrical insulation performance are used between adjacent electrical paths(loops).

    ▲Power and signal loops are isolated and shielded according to their characteristics.

    ▲Strong environmental adaptability, meeting high and low temperature, vibration, impact, salt spray, humidity, heat, water and other conditions.