About Us

SciTrue Overview

SciTrue  focuses on design and production of slip rings for demanding defense and civil applications.  During over 15 years in the business we assembled a large library of designs in a variety of configurations, from miniatures to large different slip rings.  Our products have been widely used for military weapon, areospace &aerocraft ,ships, radar , engineering machinery, wind power generator, oil-drill and security monitor etc.  We design products for tough environmental conditions like armored vehicle turrets, submarine periscopes, aircraft electro-optical systems and satellites.


Our core values

SciTrue is a small business…but we compete like a large one.  We have been devoting our great passion to products’ design and manufacturing for meeting different customer requst and help them to solve their special requirement in application. Our qualified-experienced Engineers can provide an innovative custom design to satisfy customer requirement. We use high quality material and parts and fine manufacturing to produce our products, and take strickly test measure to examine our products to guaranty product with reliable performance out of factory.

Strive for perfect result.

Do best and finest products for customers

Solve difficult problem for customers

Communicate frankly with customers

Our passion for honesty and attention to detail in the slip ring business enabled us to build a group of loyal customers.  If you have demanding slip ring requirements, TrueSci is always ready here to provide the best service for you.



30,000 sq meter in Quanjiao, Anhui China

Machining center with 20 tool exchanger

Swing lathe with multi-axis CNC

Transfer molding

Epoxy casting

Tool & die fabrication

Protective finishes—Chemical film, passivation, paint

Clean room with Class 100 flow benches


50 employees

Skilled production workers:

Polymeric applications

High reliability soldering

Precision assembly

Transfer molding & Epoxy casting

Rotor machining with diamond tools

Miniature resistance welding

Electro-static discharge


Automated test equipment
Cable harness analyzers
Dynamic resistance analyers
Resolver performance
Fiber optic performance
Pressure drop and leak rate
RF & Digital signal testingEnvirnonmental chambers
Bit Error Rate
Custom functional test equipmentDimensional inspection
Microscopic inspection
Calibration program
ISO 9001:2008
Certificate of Military Product