Mini Slip Ring

  • Mini Slip Ring—360°Rotating -high reliability

    Mini Slip Ring—360°Rotating -high reliability

    ▲ Miniature slip ring adopts casting or injection molding process, compact structure, mini size , mainly used for transmission of low current and various medium and low frequency signals.

    ▲ The Ring adopts “V” shape structure, the brush is two single wire contact with ring.

    ▲ The rotor and stator adopt unitary forming structure.

    ▲ Product concentricity reach up to 0.02mm.

    ▲ With max up to 100 channels(loops).

    ▲ Maximum transmitting current reaches to 10A.

    ▲ Gold to gold contact with small contact resistance and resistance fluctuation, small friction coefficient and good wear-resisting  property.